Porter UX/UI Developer Experience

Review of my 6 month contract and looking back on working for an airline during a global pandemic. Summary of tasks completed and learning takeaways.


November 2020 - May 2021

At first glance

I was the first person that Porter Airlines had hired that was remote. This came with some challenges in terms of getting set up on Porter's code base (which is giant!). I also had to learn C# and ASP.NET. My first few weeks involved navigating the code base and taking time to learn the basics of C#, ASP.NET and getting reacquainted with Jquery and knockout.js.


I was hired to complete two releases. When the pandemic hit Porter took this time to develop an app as well as rebrand for a more price conscious target marget. There was a change in target market because there was an assumption that when the world opened back up that folks would not be travelling right away, but would have to be coaxed into travelling. There was/is also an assumption that there will be a smaller amount of travellers and therefore airlines will be competing for a smaller market. The design below was done by the design team.