Lets Huddle In - A social app that pairs users with best match mentors in their field.

Redesign, Animation, IxD, IA, Prototype


Let's Hudde In is a platform that is 3 years in the making. The concept revolves around the idea of mentorship and the 'power of 5'. The power of 5 means that for each problem you have, if you ask 5 folks for their opinion you will get your answer.


A mentorship platform such as this is a huge design problem to tackle. How to create user engagement, incentives and trust within the platform. The design that I was working off of was in its second iteration and had not yet been user tested.


This was a slow, collaborative process that began with understanding the problems that the platform was facing and why it was not moving forward with the design that it currently had. This meant that I had to fully understand the end to end of the app the way it stood. From there I asked questions about the flow and the reasons behind certain CTA's or screens.
After this the CEO and I went back to the drawing board to figure out the goals of the platform and the main actions he wanted users to take. From these meetings I translated these needs into designs. This process was iterative and involved different versions that the CEO would choose from as we moved forward.

Focusing on flows

The way that I found what the issues were with the design I was working from, aside from collaborating with the CEO was through user testing to find where users got stuck or didn't understand the objective of a story. Throughout my design process I user tested to make sure each flow was straight forward, making small changes and then testing again.

Current state

This design is still going through iterations and user testing of a high fidelity prototype. The next steps Let's Huddle In are for a hand off to a development team. At this point there will be updates made at retrofits done based on the lanugage or library that the developers are working in/with.

Check back for updates!