Hey! My name is Charlie.
I am a creative, Product Designer, UX Developer, dog parent(to a very small Boston Terrier), burrito snob, retro fleece collector, long distance cyclist and cross country skier who lives in Vancouver, Biritsh Columbia, Canada. I love old things, tiny things and strong coffee.

Previously, I was an oil painter - doing commissions for Lululemon Lab, Breast Cancer Society, Translink, City of Vancouver, DragonBoat Festival as well as private commissions that can be found globally. I was then a preparator in Art Galleries - fabricating spaces for shows and working with artists to make their visions reality.

Now I work as a UX Designer at PwC!

Day-to-day you can find me zoomed in on an illustration, creating 3D work, listening to the Daily, at the dog park or solving complex problems in design and code.

I'm always up to grab a coffee - virtually or in person (post pandemic).