Work Experience

Product designer

ORX Surgical

Jan 2021 - present
Product Designer at ORX - an AI driven software company that manages bill-only surgical implant charge sheets, purchase orders, invoices and payments streamlining business between healthcare facilities and medical device vendors.
UX/UI Developer

Porter Airlines

November 2020 - present
Creating and maintaining the Porter Airlines platform as apart of the web development team. Deep diving into accessbility with JAWS and all things aria.
Freelance Developer and Designer
November 2019 - November 2020
Creating sites from the ground up - Design, IA, Research, IxD, UI and development in HTML, CSS and Javasvript.
Redesign - doing A/B testing when needed to figure out what is the best changes for your site. Doing design and devleopment to match these changes.
Head Preparator

Grunt Gallery

November 2015 - March 2019
Creating physical spaces for people to interact with art. Is the navigation accessible to all people? How do you encourage engagement? How do you get people to interact with information?

Volunteer Experience

Product Designer

Let's Huddle In

Huddle In is a platform that connects folks to mentors. Start up on a small team of designers creating intuitive app flows.
UX Designer


CCNA is a group of over 350 clinicians and researchers throughout Canada that accelerate the progress of research in age-related neurodegenerative diseases. I work within their email campagins to craete more engagement and hop in whereever they need me!
Full Stack Web Developer

Canadian Autism Society

Working with a team of developers to create and maintain the CAS website and all websites relating to projects associated with CAS.
Front End Developer

Not 9 to 5 / Cooking from Home

Assisting in the creation of a website that hosts a cookbook entitled, 'Cooking from Home'. Featured in Chatelaine Magazine and driven by Dara Sutin and Hassel Aviles.